Welcome to MakeupSnitch.com !!! This website was created because we were tired of  being mislead with dishonest product reviews. We purchase products  on your request to test and try out for you. Here on MakeupSnitch.com we are giving you real and raw reviews! We are 100% sponsor-free! Sit back, relax, and enjoy us spilling all the tea, “snitching ain’t never been so good!”



Naomi Blake

HELLO MY BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!!! It's your makeup BFF "NayTheMua." Im so excited that your joining me and these other beautiful ladies on our website. I can't wait to be your guinea pig...lol

Elsie Foster
Beauty Research

Howdy!!,  I am excited to becoming a part of  Makeupsnitch. I live, I breath beauty and the industry. I hope that I can be your eyes and ears on all that is new in cosmetics.

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