• If your makepsnitch.com account is currently pending you will not be approved to join the group. Need to know why your account is pending

click here —-> https://makeupsnitch.com/faq-2/pending-accountno-access-issues/

  • If you have requested the group to be added and you have not been added yet? We have to manually cross check and add everyone’s account. It should take no more than 24hrs to add you to the group for live streams if you answered all 3 questions required to be added correctly.
  • If you did not answer your questions correctly you will be denied access and you have to re-request the group again and answer the 3 questions again..
  • I don’t know the answer to the 3 questions asked by the group. Then you will be denied If you need help locating the info it is all located in your account area under the memberships tab on the website