beautysleuthofficial on Instagram reports: I have been working on this video for the last several days. This video is about Valentina aka @inngenue who is currently accumulating thousands of $$$ worth of free or from dozens of makeup companies. She is currently selling it all on apps like mercari and depop, and some items/sets are listed for up to $2k!


UPDATE! She obviously saw my video and changed her name on mercari to B & B, and adjusted the prices. I guess she thought that she would do this to make me (and the others who called her out) look bad? Nothing is ever completely gone off the internet. It’s good she adjusted the prices for some of her products, but she’s still selling pr. Whether she sells it for 50 cents or $55, she’s still profiting off this which is wrong.
I have the links to her shops, and after I uploaded my video, I heard she has more than two shops on mercari. If and after I hear back from the companies and they (hopefully) answer my questions about selling pr, I will do a followup video on this.

What do you think?